Clean and tidy surrounding area is a prerequisite for companies that support their image at the top. The task of clean-up may be different: the cleaning of the territory of the enterprise, cleaning house territory, area cleaning commercial and office centers, cleaning beaches, winter cleaning of the territory with land clearing and snow removal, lawn care, trash removal.

Typically, each of these types of cleaning requires a sufficient number of personnel or the use of special cleaning equipment. Performing these types of cleanups systematically may be inconvenient and financially disadvantageous for the company’s own resources. In such cases it makes sense to sign a contract to clear the area with the cleaning company. Cleaning companies can enter into a contract on a one-time clean-up, or in a planned maintenance of cleanliness stipulated schedule of works. Work on a clean-up is carried out by cleaning companies usually with special cleaning equipment, carried out in various, including unfavorable weather conditions.

Use of special cleaning equipment such as sweeper, vacuum-cleaning, snow plows, etc., allows technicians to quickly clean problem areas such as autumn leaves, snow, frost, and even puddles. Harvesters are selected on the basis of the objectives of the current cleanup.

Besides cleaning, cleaning companies can take care of lawn (watering, reseeding), the trees and flower beds in the area (watering, mowing, trimming tree crown).

Well, in an arsenal of cleaning companies which you contract there is a necessary amount of modern cleaning equipment, sufficient to carry out mechanical cleaning of area quickly without disturbing the workflow for service enterprises.

In addition, pay attention to the uniform of the staff. Agree, if the cleaning of the production area of your company will be held during work hours, appearance of a Cleaner must conform to your idea of “dress code” staff.

Here's a sample list of cleaning services provided by our company:

  • Cleaning of sanitary protection zones enterprises;
  • Cleaning of territory distribution centers, warehouses;
  • Cleaning of parks, sports complexes, recreation area, swimming pools, skating rinks;
  • Cleaning of recreational areas, beaches;
  • Cleaning of areas adjacent to retail and office and entertainment centers, cinemas.