There is a stereotype that dismantling is a simple job. But actually dismantling is not just the destruction of construction, but professional and competent training to further restore the building and repair. This is one of the most laborious and complex construction. In large cities the demand for such services is actively growing. Old buildings and emergency buildings are replaced by new beautiful building with modern architecture. Nowadays dismantling is actually a complex process using the latest equipment and newest techniques. But more often it is very accurate and even jewelry work. This type of work may be partial or complete. Cost of works depends on many factors such as complexity, volume, terms, conditions of work and materials used.

Dismantling of buildings (demolition)

Any building work involves partial or total elimination of previously built structures. Reasons for demolition of the building are different, but basically they boil down to three components: the customer’s request to reconstruct the buildings, an emergency condition, new building construction plans for the old one. Our company is dismantling buildings quickly and accurately, without damaging neighboring buildings and communications. We use modern technology and equipment, and approach to each facility individually. By applying advanced technology, demolition of buildings does not take much time

Dismantling (parsing) foundation

In most cases, building new homes, shopping centers, hotels and other facilities take place in place of emergency buildings, old structures that have to be dismantled or reconstructed. Therefore, demolition and dismantling of the bases, it becomes part of construction work performed by specialized companies. Demolition of foundations, particularly old is a complex matter which requires an appropriate approach: the use of specialized equipment and working tools. To successfully carry out such work you must completely remove all of the foundation with soil and demolition of the foundation necessarily require the conclusion of a project. Referring to the experts, you save time and money in exchange for perfect results and quality assurance.

Dismantling of walls and partitions

Most often, the dismantling of walls and partitions happen at the re-planning or changing interior stage. Importantly, the bearing walls are not dismantled as a bearing wall is a part of frame building. If you do damage to the frame, it could lead to accidents, or even destroy the house. So before you make alterations, make a preliminary draft. The most successful and expeditious conduct of the works on the walls is achieved through the use of diamond cutting. Using modern technology, holes in walls and dismantling barriers immediately come clean and accurate.