Floor is one of the most important elements of any production area or warehouse. The strongest and most intense pressure falls on the floor.

The term “industrial floors” means such a construction of floors, the use of which meets the highest standards of usage of floors at the industrial facility. For proper operation of the production or warehouse equipment floors should have almost absolute evenness, maximum wear resistance, and high resistance to abrasion. The same applies to commercial or exhibition halls.

Only concrete floors with reinforced top layer have these qualities. Because the materials that comprise the construction of the floor are waterproof to a certain extent, acid (proof), the scope of such floors is greatly extended.

We can talk that during the construction of shopping centers, designed for a large number of products; the use of concrete floors with reinforced top layer is almost the standard solution. This type of solutions allows significant savings on the capital construction phase, and a considerable reduction in construction time. A properly designed floor construction guarantees long-lasting use.

In addition to industrial floors with reinforced top layer (topping), there are solutions such as polymer and fine forgery. The term “polymer floors” means, in effect, the polymer coatings made of epoxy, polyurethane and methylmethacrylic resins.

The advantages of such unconditional coverage are seamless, extraordinary strength and elasticity, absolute hygiene and virtually unlimited possibilities with respect to colours. Such coatings are used in such demanding fields as food, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, where cleanliness and sterility is often necessary.

Our Group of companies “Aspect” has many years experience in Industrial floors of different kinds. Specially developed technology allows lying large areas of high quality industrial floor in record time.