The construction process combines a range of complex and specific works. A general contractor ensures simple outages and other difficulties do not interfere with the process.  Some companies underestimate the role he performs at construction sites and the building of objects. Trying to cope on their own, they spend considerable resources on services of specialized professionals, attracting foreign workers and constantly worry about how to prevent errors in management. To be sure of timely implementation of works, it is better to find a partner who will assume management of all processes and will be responsible for the interaction forces. The result, to which professionally done general contracting will necessarily lead, will be uninterrupted work and significant cost savings.

In fact, the main contract work – is a kind of partnership between the two sides, one of which acts as a customer.  He controls all the stages of construction, certain types of work and ensures progress in their implementation.  He is responsible for the results and quality. Customers do not have to delve into the specifics of the whole range of the various elements of the structure.  The plumbing and wiring, stone and other building works will be supervised by specialists. Of course, if you carefully select the organization that will take over this function.

General contract may provide different options of work:

1.Technical consultancy in the design and construction process line.

This scheme provides services for individual tasks or decision stages of management, design and construction within complex projects, including development of specifications, technology projects, costing the examination, acceptance of specific activities and equipment.

2.Project management in the technological line.

The customer instructs the company “Aspect” the development of the organizational structure of the project and its implementation. “Aspect” assembles and launches the equipment.  “Aspect” does the work of finding subcontractors, and furthermore controls the volume and quality of work of the contractors.

3.General Contracting.

Provides assumption of all risks of general designer and contractor in terms of cost and works on “turnkey. The attractiveness of such schemes for the customer is associated primarily with the presence of direct contact only with “Aspect” that solves all the numerous questions that inevitably arise in the course of design, construction, installation and start-debug works. General Contract enables significant money savings, thus avoiding a need for additional staff in divisions (construction department) and not engaging in various sections of the “expensive” foreign experts.