Some of the activities of our company are design, manufacture and construction of buildings of light metal.

Our buildings are used as warehouses and industrial buildings, hangars, industrial buildings, greenhouses, pavilions, shopping and exhibition centers, gyms and entertainment centers, garages, aircraft, outdoor sheds multi-purpose, modular buildings and many other facilities.

Our project work include: 

  • Collection of baseline data for planning;
  • Tentative settlement with the graphics performance (free of charge);
  • Design;
  • Designing of engineering networks and communications;
  • Advising on the design;
  • Computer simulation of the object;
  • The necessary approvals of the project;
  • Supervision.

The company employs a permanent team of professionals of all construction disciplines. The entire process chain of construction of prefabricated buildings they perform on their own, and therefore are surely responsible for the quality and timing of the work done. If necessary, our company, in accordance with your wishes, adapts existing standard designs to specific site conditions.

Manufacturing of metal structures:
Our company provides manufacturing, installation of metal objects:

  • The building of industrial and civil use;
  • Customs terminals;
  • Port terminals;
  • Specialized sports facilities;
  • Cultural and recreational centers;
  • Shopping centers (based on sandwich panels);
  • Stations;
  • Cellular towers, television and radio masts;
  • Shopping centers, indoor markets, trading pavilions;
  • Water towers;
  • Petrol stations and canopies for gas stations in various shapes and configurations;
  • Warehousing and accessories (containers, shuttering, racks, ramps, stairs, fences, etc.);
  • Facilities for agro-industrial complex (storage of seed potatoes with rigid bins, hey storage, fruit storage, block-insulated containers are used as residential premises.