Mission of the company is to be the market leader in Ukraine in the field of construction. Our mission is to be reliable, creative and novel in our approach to the development of the company. The professionalism of our team and the technologies and techniques that are used in the work, allow us to optimize business processes, thereby saving the time and financial resources of the client.

We create an atmosphere in which professionals of our company use their years of experience and knowledge of advanced construction technologies, thus responding to the interests of our clients. We work to comply with the following principles, the safety of our engineering employees, development of the innovative ideas of our employees, and the preservation of the environment in the most responsible manner.

Responsibility, individual approach, striving to bring maximum benefit to customers, mutual respect and support are the basic principles and framework of corporate policy of our company. We are doing our best and even more, not only to meet international standards of services in building, but also to justify the high trust of customers.

Quality policy

Our company strives to further expand the range of services that are provided and bring them to the highest level of quality; in this way the latest technologies are studied and applied in the production.

Every employee of Company “Aspect” is aware that the credibility of the services offered by our company is based on gaining the trust of everyone and of ensuring good teamwork.

The quality policy provides that all employees work with a full understanding of the necessity to meet the existing requirements as regards the quality of their work and strive to meet the needs of the enterprise professionally, and develop it dynamically.

Aims of the enterprise:

-To guarantee the high quality of construction, competitiveness, and therefore the customer satisfaction and product quality of suppliers.

-To develop the domestic market in the construction field, and also develop company products internationally.

To achieve these goals, our company has set itself the following tasks:

-constant maintenance and enhancement of reputation as a reliable contractor;

-the use of acquired experience and the development of new advanced technologies in construction;

-ensuring the priority issues of quality throughout the enterprise, the use of modern methods of quality management in the enterprise;

-targeted training and involvement of all workers in the process of ensuring and improving the quality of all processes of the enterprise;

-systematic monitoring and analysis of activities to ensure the needs and expectations of customers;

-further development of quality management system in accordance with the development of construction technology.