From 6 to 8 May 2013 workers of our company have passed courses of ARDEX in Germany and received certificates on the device type floor Pandomo ® Terrazzo.Terrazzo is a cement mortar, which added a natural stone rubble. You can vary the color of cement and select the size and color of the stone. Hence, many different color combinations. We can say that each unique terrazzo flooring.

Seamless terrazzo floors laid in this huge advantage over their tiles and natural stone. When the flooring is polished and polished. This floor well washed with water and does not require special care because it is indispensable in areas with a large cross (lobbies, entrances of shopping centers, public buildings).

Creating a traditional terrazzo floor is about 4 weeks, which is unacceptably long term, given the current pace of construction. To solve this problem, specialists have developed a system ARDEX Pandomo ® Terrazzo.

Pandomo ® Terrazzo has the same characteristics as the standard terrazzo floor, but they added a few features:

  • Ready for pedestrian loading - 8 hours
  • Ready for grinding - after 24 hours
  • Slight shrinkage
  • The maximum area for applying Pandomo ® Terrazzo is 100 m2.

All this in general to create a good quality terrazzo floor in a very short time.