For many regions waterproofing underground garages, basements, all underground structures and other buried facilities is very urgent, as always there are sharp drops in temperatures, which often lead to high levels of groundwater. Waterproofing is not always done properly, following all the rules. But thanks to today’s vast market, which offers a large number of both imported and domestic waterproofing materials, we can eliminate all the shortcomings that have been approved. Sometimes the “wet” underground garages cannot even be used at the discretion of the owners, as the moisture in them leads to impair the integrity of the structure, which often leads to fungal lesions of the walls. And it happens that, despite all your efforts, you cannot achieve the desired result.

By trying to protect floors, walls and general construction of its facilities by various latex waterproofing compounds, both inside and outside, you can achieve the desired result, but only by spending a lot of money and resources. Some believe that the walls and floors of balconies, parking garages, and baths should be isolated as follows. If the groundwater level is below the floor of the basement, the exterior walls, which are in contact with the ground, should be covered with several layers of hot bitumen. On the floor is also necessary to put a layer of rich clay at about 25-30 cm and after only a few weeks the floor is covered with putty and two layers of roofing material.  Layer of concrete that covers the cement mortar and iron is necessary. But you will agree that this is a rather long and uncomfortable process of waterproofing. The best choice would be to put this difficult process on the shoulders of professionals.

The solution of problems of waterproofing problem areas with traditional, simple methods is not always possible. But there is a special, highly efficient technology. Many professionals know and many may have used in their work latex coating. Application of waterproofing concrete counters, strip foundations, structures, pool cover, floors and other structures, of course, justifies itself. Very often over time there is the destruction of structures, there are cracks, deformation kinks, etc., so you just need a reliable, high-quality, high-performance barrier, which does not lose its properties during the chemical effects of the environment and that allows you to withstand water pressure up to several atmospheres.

Generally the waterproofing needs to be concerned in advance, so that the foundations and basements are securely sealed. We also want to remind you that the waterproofing protection is needed, especially so ground moisture does not penetrate the walls of your room by the roof and through the basement or underground structures. Besides, waterproofing prolongs the life of your premises.

Absolutely, in any room it is vital to create good insulation, a floor, roof and walls. High-quality waterproofing is one of the keys to longevity.